The break up of a marriage or relationship can be stressful and difficult for all involved. Both of the partners at McKinnon Hewitt are experienced in dealing with Family Law including divorce, separation, residence, contact, financial matters, children's hearings and adoption. Our team at McKinnon Hewitt offers clear and concise information, advice and assistance on all aspects in this area of the Law.

Our first approach is always to try to keep matters out of Court if at all possible by negotiating settlements. We hope that by doing so we minimize the stress and of course the costs involved for our clients. There are however many occasions where Court action is necessary and on those occasions we are ready and prepared to go to Court to ensure our client's interests are protected.

Among the various matters to be resolved in these situations are division of matrimonial property and rights and responsibilities in connection with children. If you have any queries at all please contact Frances Hewitt or Kathleen Murray for further information.